A Great Photo Day at the River Bend Park

After work, I was feeling kind of antsy and wanted to walk a bit, so I went with Sergeant Margie over to the American River Bend Park.  ((I thought I should get a visit in before this weekend, when the park will be hosting several events and closing the trails.))  A fate would have it, I came across a female Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly, one of the last of the season, laying her eggs on the stem of a pipevine!  I got photos of that and a little bit of video.  There were hundreds of pipevine caterpillars around — and I got a slew of photos of them, too — as well as some beetles, wasps, a pale yellow mayfly, what I think was a cutworm caterpillar (I’m having the experts at Bug Guide check it out), a variety of spiders — some with their egg cases, and a pair of craneflies mating.  The buckeye chestnut trees were in bloom and smelled lovely, and the clarkia plants were flowering, too.  I ended up burning through two sets of camera batteries.  So, I’m glad I came today.  I would’ve missed all of that if I hadn’t.

By the way, the folks at Bug Guide are great.  If you set up an account with them (which is free, by the way), you can upload photos of bugs you’ve taken and they’ll help you to properly identify them.

And here’s a link to the video of the mama butterfly laying her eggs.