Sometimes Cool & Weird Stuff Can Happen on a Walkabout

Yesterday, after work, it was still so nice outside that I stopped at the WPA Rock Garden with Sergeant Margie and walked for about an hour.  I got a lot of photos of pretty flowers, and some good ones of the bees.  There were several Teddy Bear Bees around, and some of them even stood still long enough for me to “pet” them while they drank nectar.  Kewl.  I tried taking some video of that, but my camera wouldn’t focus on what I wanted it to, so I had to be satisfied with still shots of them.  While we were there, a police helicopter dove down along the street right next to the garden and did their voice-of-God-thing telling a suspect on the ground he was surrounded, “Get down on the ground and put your hands on top of your head!”  Yikes!  It only took a few seconds and then the helicopter whizzed away.  A few minutes later, some loud kid came running through the garden screaming, “Rattle snake!  Rattle snake!”  Wow, you never know what you’re going to encounter on a walkabout.  Hah!

OH, BTW: I’ve got a three-day weekend coming up and am planning two trips: one to Solano Lake near Winters (the gateway city to the Berryessa Snow Mountain Region) so I can see it before it all burns away for the summer, and one to the Capay Valley along with the folks of the Yolo Basin Foundation.  Let’s hope all goes well and I can get lots of photos and information to share with everyone.