106° Again Today; Took a Walk at the Cemetery

I got up around 6 o’clock again this morning, and was out the door with Sergeant Margie by about 6:30. We went over to the Old  Historic City Cemetery by way of Raley’s. I wasn’t sure the cemetery gates would be open that early, but because of the heat, they’d let the clean-up crews in earlier than usual, so the dog and I just went in after them. Hah! There were lots of flowers still in bloom, in spite of the heat. (It was up to 106° again today, but actually didn’t feel as bad as yesterday because the humidity is less today.) We also saw quite a few neat bugs on our walk around. We were there for about 90 minutes and then headed back home.  There’s an “Excessive Heat Warning” out for the next week or so.  “Daytime high temperatures: daytime temperature values in the valley and foothills will climb to the 105 to 116 range over the next several days. Overnight minimum temperatures will only drop into the 70s or lower 80s…”  Ick.  Really puts a cramp in when I can do my walking stuff…

ABBYY Mobile App Photo Contest

I entered one of my photos (the one in the sidebar here on my site, with the female Carpenter Bee among the dark pink flowers) into the ABBYY Mobile App Photo Contest.  Please vote for it if you can!  If the image doesn’t come up in the first grouping, scroll down and “Load More”, then open up the image by clicking on it, and “Vote” for it. THANKS!

Walking Before it Gets Up to 106°

Ugh.  Hot weekend!  I got up at 6:00 am and headed out with Sergeant Margie to the WPA Rock Garden, hoping to beat the heat for our walk.  Even that early it was already almost 80° outside (with 30% humidity).  We got a lot of flower photos, and I saw quite a few orb spiders, a tiny praying mantis, a damselfly, and a juvenile katydid among the plants.  There is also a Maypop passion flower vine growing in there and it was covered with blossoms but none of them were open yet.  (Waah.)  I love those flowers; they’re so “over worldly” looking.  Right next door to the garden, the stage has been set up for the Shakespeare in the Park series of plays, and there are porta-potties hogging up some of the parking spaces.  Sergeant Margie and I walked around there for about 90 minutes, and then went around the duck pond behind the garden before heading back to the car.

In other news, my coworker, Charlotte, got us a private tour of the UC Davis Raptor Center in July.  Wow, I can’t wait to see that!

Tuesday, After Work

Yesterday, after work, I decided to take Sergeant Margie over to the American River Bend Park for a short walk.  It was about 77° outside — but it felt oppressive with the super-high humidity.  It was like stepping out of the car into a sauna.  We only walked for about an hour; there was so much moisture in the air that I actually had a little trouble breathing.  Didn’t get a lot of photos, but the exercise was good.


Pipevine Swallowtail chrysalis on the side of an oak tree.  Photo by Mary K. Hanson.  ©2013.  All Rights Reserved.
Pipevine Swallowtail chrysalis on the side of an oak tree. Photo by Mary K. Hanson. ©2013. All Rights Reserved.