Two Wonderful Ladies

Wow, I had a chance to speak with two wonderful ladies on the telephone today.  I’m doing a dragonfly/damselfly article for a Tuleyome Tales release to press in August, and got to speak with Kathy Biggs (the author of Common Dragonflies of California) who gave me some great information on where best to look for Flame Skimmers and Vivid Dancers, along with some of their quirks.  It was so informative!  And I was so excited that I wrote a draft of the article immediately after I hung up the phone…  And the enthusiasm was contagious.  My co-worker, Charlotte, said she wanted to write an article too! (I think she’s decided to do one on Horned Owls.)

As I was winding down my interview with Kathy, though, she mentioned that a friend of hers, Nancy Bauer, was at her place and Nancy had written a book about creating natural/native habitats in your backyard to attract wildlife.  That sounded neat to me, too, so Kathy turned the phone over to Nancy, and Nancy and I talked for a bit.  Nancy’s done a couple of books, but the latest is called The California Wildlife Habitat Garden.  I was so excited about that, that after I was done talking with her, I actually ordered one of her books so I could see what it entailed… and maybe I can interview Nancy for a future article, too!

All this wonderful feminine energy!  I love it!