Walking Early Before It Gets Too Hot

It’s going up to 108-degrees today, so Sergeant Margie and I headed out around 6:00 am to take our walk.  We went over to the American River Bend Park and walked for about two hours, during which time it got up to over 81° and was super-muggy.  Yick!  I got some kewl bug photos while we were out there, including some shots of a large sphinx moth (an Obscure Sphinx, Erinnyis obscura, I think) with pinkish-orange secondary wings.  I think he’d just emerged from his underground chrysalis.  He was kind of wrinkled, and was clinging to the side of a tree trying to warm up in the sun.  Usually these guys only come out at dusk or early dawn, so it was neat that I got to see him so “late” in the morning.  I also got some pictures of an orb spider wrapping another smaller moth up in silk… Sergeant Margie was great all the while; he’s very patient when I’m taking pictures — sits quietly  waits until I’m ready to move on.  On the way back to the car, we came across a mama turkey and her five babies.  I tried getting some picture of them, too, but she moved them along way too quickly.