Wow, What a Change in the Weather!

Wow, it’s like we’re on the other side of the planet or something today.  It’s cool, breezy and gorgeous outside!  What a difference from yesterday!  I got up around 6 o’clock and was out the door with Sergeant Margie in about 10 minutes.  We went over to the WPA Rock Garden and walked around there, then visited two of the duck ponds.  I got a bunch of flower photos, and saw some ducklings and nearly-full-grown goslings with their mamas, and a big old pond turtle. Also got photos of a green heron, some crayfish, bees, and a tiny newly hatched mantis… And I found some pearly-white eggs on the underside of the leaves on one of the big trees by the pond.  I’ll have to remember to go back there in a couple of days and see if they developed into anything… We walked for about 2 hours, and then headed back to the house.