After Work on Wednesday

After work, I decided to take Sergeant Margie on a short walk through the WPA Rock Garden.  We’re on the hunt for Monarch Butterfly caterpillars — since the garden now has three different kind of milkweed growing in it — but haven’t seen any yet.  I did get some flower photos and we got to see Pipevine Swallowtail and Cabbage White butterflies, all sorts of bees including some Green Metallic Sweat Bees (Augochlora pura), and a handsome Western Paper Wasp (Mischocyttarus flavitarsis).  It got too hot for Sergeant Margie, though, so we quit after about an hour.  The summer months are usually very hot here (up to over 100 for days or weeks at a time when it really gets going), and I think it’s going to be a lot hotter this year because we’re only pre-Summer right now and it’s already too warm on some days to stay out in the sun much.  On the weekends and days off, of course, we get up around 5:30 or 6:00 AM and head out for our walks when it’s still relatively cool outside, but I can’t do that on weekdays.  So I appreciate even the short jaunts after work when I can get them in.

We had gone for a short walk on Tuesday, too, but didn’t get many photos with our exercise.  I had stopped off with Sergeant Margie for a short walk around the big pond in the William Land Park.  There wasn’t a lot to see.  It looked like the county had spruced the place up a lot: the sidewalks were virtually goose-poop free, a lot of the shrubbery had been cut down, and the trees were trimmed… which makes it all look very “manicured” but really interferes with my bug hunts.  When they hack out all the undergrowth and trim back branches, the county works also destroy all the nursery habitats for the insects around there.  It’s like when the gardeners at the Tuleyome office chopped down all the bushes in the patio area: we lost our whole ladybug nursery… *Heavy sigh*