Walking in the Early Hours on the 4th of July

Happy 4th of July.  I was going to sleep in a bit today, but the dogs got me up around 6 o’clock anyway, so I headed out the door with Sergeant Margie shortly thereafter and we went over to the WPA Rock Garden and the duck ponds in the nearby William Land Park.  It’s supposed to go up to 108° today, and at 6:00 am it was already 75° outside with 63% humidity.  Uck!  It even sprinkled a little bit while we were at the park.

On our walk we saw several mama ducks with ducklings of different ages.  One had about 6 “teenagers” with her and one of them was black and yellow; no doubt someone else’s baby.  We also saw some bees and damselflies… and were pestered by a Scrub Jay in the garden.  I later found a bunch of cicada “skins” on the side of two of the trees near the garden; they were all over the place, all up and down the tree, some singly and others in clusters. There were also vultures in the trees along one side of the large pond, and I got a few photos of them.  They sit up there in the early morning hours, and warm up in the sun. Toward the end of our walk we saw a big bullfrog in the pond and Sergeant Margie kind of forgot where he was and jumped right into the water after it!  Luckily, the water wasn’t too deep and I had a firm hold of the dog’s leash and harness, so I was able to pull him back to shore right away.  Still, he was startled by the sudden dousing.  I just hope he didn’t gulp in something from the pond water that might make him sick… We walked for about 2 hours and headed straight home.

I tried to choose flowers that looked like fireworks: