At the American River

I had today off, but got up around 5:30 am anyway.  My body’s now “trained” to get up that early in the morning… and once I was up I decided to stay up.  I went out before Marty was off to work, and took Sergeant Margie over to the American River Bend Park. Rather than walking our normal route over the horse trails, we walked across the bridge and along the riverbank. I was hoping to get some photos of dragonflies, and was pleased to see the sky full of them next to the rive… but trying to get them to sit still long enough for me to get a clear shot of them was something else.  I need a better zoom lens (along with a better macro lens) so I don’t have to intrude so far into their space to get the shots I want.  I managed to get a few pictures, along with some shots of the river itself, and Sergeant Margie and I got some good exercise, so it wasn’t a total waste.