At the Old City Cemetery

I slept in a little bit again today and didn’t get up until about a quarter of 7:00 am.  I threw some laundry in the washing machine and then headed out to the Old City Cemetery with Sergeant Margie for our walk.  It was a little cloudy this morning, which added to the overall humidity for the day (about 55%), making the high temperature of 97° feel really icky-sticky…  It wasn’t bad at the cemetery, though, during the first part of our walk.  We saw lots of roses in bloom, along with some absolutely gigantic asters and dahlias, and crepe myrtle trees and lantana in a variety of colors.  We also got to see lacewings, some Harlequin Bugs, and a pale Crab Spider devouring a moth head-first Yikes!), some assassin bug eggs, a female damselfly, and a little butterfly.  We walked for about 2 hours and then headed back home.