Lots of Neat Summer Bugs!

Wow, it just seems like this week is flashing by… The weather was actually kind of nice today; around 89° and breezy by the late afternoon.  We had pretty much a full house at the office, and we were all little busy-bees all day.  It was so nice outside that I stopped at the WPA Rock Garden with Sergeant Margie and we walked around for almost an hour.  Got to see several Monarch Butterfly caterpillars (Danaus plexippus), a pair of Skippers doing the nasty, and a bright red Flame Skimmer dragonfly hover-guarding a small pond inside the garden…Nice!

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Click Here for a super-short video of the caterpillar!

Wednesday, My 1-Year Anniversary

At lunch time on Wednesday, my Tuleyome coworkers Charlotte and Angel treated me to lunch to celebrate my one-year anniversary.  We walked over to Ludy’s Main Street BBQ because we could take our dogs with us (and eat outside in the covered patio in the back).   I had a tri-tip salad which was so big I couldn’t eat all of it and pink lemonade.  For dessert, Angel ordered a peach cobbler — which was big enough for the three of us to eat — and they brought it out with ice cream, whipped cream and a candle on top. The cobbler had just been made and was still hot inside… SO YUMMY!

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