Walking at the WPA RG on Sunday Morning

This was one of those mornings when I could have stayed in bed all day… but I got my carcass up around 7 o’clock and took Sergeant Margie over to the WPA Rock Garden.  The visit started out real nice — very quiet, kewl clouds decorating the sky, cool temperatures.  But then, after about an hour the place was swarming with photographers and loud, obnoxious families with their screeching kids.  **Sigh**  So, I walked Sergeant Margie over to the big duck pond and we hung out there for a while, and then did a final walk through the garden once all the people were gone.  Around the pond, I got a lot of photos of the clouds reflected on the water, and some of a mama duck and her nine late-season ducklings.  In the garden we saw one of the blossoms on the new giant morning glory vine they have growing in the front plot.  The leaves are bigger than my hand, and the blossom was bigger than my head.  I’d never seen one that large before!  The flower was half-hidden by other overgrowth, though, so I didn’t get a very good picture of it.  Along with the other summer flowers, we also got to see a couple of different kinds of orb weaver spiders, a mama Pill Bug and her babies, a mama Harlequin Bug and her babies, a couple of Monarch Butterfly caterpillars, an inchworm (the larva of some kind of Geometrid moth), what I think was a Med Fly, and a female Pacific Forktail Damselfly (Ischnura cervula).  I’d never seen one of those before, although they’re supposed to be common in California.  What made me notice this damselfly was that she had a white spot on the end of each wing; most other damselflies with spots have black spots.  And when she was flying the spots looked like they winked on and off.  Very kewl.  We walked for about 2 hours and headed back to the house.