Looking for Fungi at the American River Bend Park

Sergeant Margie and I went to the American River Bend Park and walked around for about 2 hours this morning.  It was still cool and overcast — this first day of Fall, thank you! — and after the rain yesterday I was hoping to see some ‘shrooms and fungi and stuff like that coming out.  Well, I guess it’s still a bit too early in the fall to see much of that, but I DID find several samples of Sulfur Shelf Fungus, some earth stars and some jelly fungus…  and I got to play around some more with the settings on my new camera.

 ((Glad I bought those extra batteries; I burn through things pretty fast with this camera.)) I’m really liking the camera so far; it responds quickly and takes nice shots.  Getting the super-macro setting to focus on what I want isn’t always easy but I’m assuming that’s “user error” and not the camera’s fault.  With the long-range telephoto setting I was also able to get an awesome photo of the moon when the clouds split up over the park.