A Business Meeting at Cache Creek

I went to a Staff Strategic Planning Meeting with my boss, co-workers and the organization’s President yesterday at the middle campground along Cache Creek. The weather was great — but the wind was a kind of gusty at times — and I think we got a lot of ideas out on the table and a lot of plans started, so it was a productive day.

I’d never been to Cache Creek before, and was impressed with the massive rockface on the other side of the creek from where we had our meeting. It’s a huge chunk of the earth that was lifted up and thrown onto its side by tectonic action… and towering up to the side of us was Glassock Mountain (2000 feet). Really neat.  While we were talking two deer kept circling around to check on us throughout the afternoon. Now THAT’s a kewl place for a meeting!

Glasscock Mountain was named after the brothers Tuck and Clint Glassrock, a pair of horse thieves in the 1800’s, who used to use the mountain as their lookout tower.

I didn’t get a chance to walk around it much yesterday, but I’m definitely going back to that area in the fall and spring to check it out a lot more.