Getting Outside & Walking Help to Cultivate Happy Habits!

The Huffington Post posted an article on the web about “The Habits of Supremely Happy People” and a lot of the habits involved getting outside, unplugging, listening and reconnecting with your environment, and walking.   The article noted:

“…Happy people take the time to appreciate these easy-to-come-by pleasures… When you listen [to nature] you open up your ability to take in more knowledge versus blocking the world with your words or your distracting thoughts… Technology isn’t going away, but partaking in some kind of a digital detox gives your brain the opportunity to recharge and recover, which — bonus — could increase your resilience… Periods of rest and respite from work and the demands of daily life serve to reduce stress, a fundamental cause of chronic diseases that is still the primary causes of death in Western society… [and] just a 20-minute dose of fresh air promotes a sense of vitality, according to several studies published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology. “Nature is fuel for the soul,” says Richard Ryan, Ph.D, the lead author of the studies. “Often when we feel depleted we reach for a cup of coffee, but research suggests a better way to get energized is to connect with nature.” And while most of us like our coffee hot, we may prefer our serving of the great outdoors at a more lukewarm temperature: A study on weather and individual happiness unveiled 57 degrees to be the optimal temperature for optimal happiness…”

See how many of these happy habits you can bring to bear the next time your get outside!

Early morning rainbow.  Photo by Mary K. Hanson.  ©2013.  All Rights Reserved.
Early morning rainbow. Photo by Mary K. Hanson. ©2013. All Rights Reserved.