Bird and Flowers… Like A Touch of “Spring” Before Winter

It was another lovely day weatherwise; 75° and breezy.  It’s supposed to be like this for the next week or so.  Nice!  I went over to the Old City Cemetery today, and tried out my camera’s zoom and “continuous shot” capabilities, trying to capture stop-motion pictures of birds.  I sat next to the fountain in the middle of the cemetery, and watched for the birds that came down to bathe.  They didn’t like the fact that I was so close to the water, so I had to settle for photos of them in the nearby trees.  One little hummingbird came down, but sat on the opposite side of the fountain, and peeked over the edges of it to see what I was doing while he took a bath.  So cute. Along with the hummer, I got photos of a dove, some Golden-Crowned Sparrows in their winter colors, a red-headed House Finch, and some pale yellow Pine Warblers.   I also tried to get as many flower photos as I could before the winter comes crashing in… I ended up with over 200 images!  Yikes!  Hah!