“Hey, I Was a Part of That!”

The following is a slightly revised version of an email blast I penned for Tuleyome, a nonprofit conservation group based in Woodland, California:

“Hey, I was a part of that!”

 Isn’t it great to be able to tell your family or friends that you were a part of something truly remarkable?

Well, every time you donate to Tuleyome, you are doing just that.

Your donations help to promote the campaign to secure a National Conservation Area (NCA) designation for the Berryessa Snow Mountain (BSM) region: that gorgeous 350,000 + acres of unique and striking landscapes and habitats that stretch from Lake Berryessa through the Snow Mountain Wilderness.  This campaign is one of both national and historical significance which will positively impact our local environment for generations to come… and when you donate, you’re a part of that.



Your donations support their Home Place Adventure programs and allow them to provide outdoor experiences and environmental educational opportunities for hundreds of children and teens… the future land stewards of our planet.


 And your donations help them to maintain and restore habitats, build trails, and eradicate invasive plant species… ensuring that the landscapes, plants and animals that you love will endure and be here for others to see, admire, study and enjoy long after we’re all gone.

So, before the year ends… go o the Tuleyome website and click on the DONATE button at the top of their page and make a tax deductible donation to Tuleyome.  Doing so will immediately make you part of something that is important, long-lasting, and truly remarkable, and will allow you to tell your family and friends, “Hey, I was a part of that!”