Gorgeous Coyote at the River Bend Park

Around 10 o’clock, I took Sergeant Margie over to the American River Bend Park for our walk (and to see if there were any fungi out).  The dog and walked for about 2 hours and headed back home.   It was brown and dry out there, but I did get to see some birds, and also had a close encounter with a coyote, which stepped out in front of me and then went on a squirrel hunt right near me.  I tried videotaping it but, of course, as soon as the squirrel ran and the coyote jumped after it, my camera shut itself off.  Arrgh!  I did get some short videos of the “stalking”; and at the end of the second one, you can see the squirrel up in a tree to the right of the screen.  It was safe up there, but for some reason, it ran down onto the ground — right in front of the coyote — and dashed up another tree.  The coyote was a gorgeous female one; big with a thick coat, so it must be eating well despite its lack of success this morning… I actually wondered if she was preggers…  I kept an eye out for the male, because they normally travel in pairs, but I didn’t see it…

Female Coyote.  Photo by Mary K. Hanson.  ©2013.  All Rights Reserved.
Female Coyote. Photo by Mary K. Hanson. ©2013. All Rights Reserved.

 Here are the videos of the coyote:  http://youtu.be/ZQ3dy77g0dQ and http://youtu.be/qW8kQKFDv4k