A Short Visit to the Cosumnes River Preserve

Around 11:00 I went over to the Cosumnes River Preserve.  I wanted to walk through their wetlands area trails, but their parking lot was full again, so I went over to the boardwalk and took some photos there, and then stopped along Desmond Road to see where the Sandhill Cranes roost.  I saw some of the cranes, the ubiquitous ducks and geese, and some Red Winged Blackbirds, and got some video of some White-Fronted Geese coming in for a landing, and a Turkey Vulture buzz-bombing a small group of cranes.  When I was walking along the boardwalk, I saw all of the geese in that part of the preserve suddenly take flight in all directions.  Everyone who walk walking along there stopped to look at them, and one couple suggested that there must’ve been a predator that suddenly appeared out there startling all the geese.  (Could’ve been a fox, coyote or eagle, but none of us could see what set them off.)