I’m Really Cranky Today… So, Look Out! (*Hah!*)

I’ve had a killer cough for the past day or two and last night it kept me up all night… so I’m exhausted, headachy and cranky this morning.  Look out!  What’s weird is that it’s just a cough with a low-grade fever; no congestion or sinus pain or itchy eyes. I could have stayed in bed all day, but I got up around 7:30 and took Sergeant Margie with me over to the American River Bend Park for our walk.

There were a lot of different kinds of lichen out, along with some Earth Stars, but I only came across one small stand of mushrooms — some “Jelly Babies” growing out of the trunk of a fallen tree.  Lots of birds making noise, but few posed for me — although I did get some shots of a vulture, a Starling and an Egret.  I also came across a young coyote who posed for me for a few minutes.

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As nice as all of that was, I as aggravated by the bunch of stupid humans who let their dogs run around off-leash (the humans carry the leash in their hand, but don’t actually put it on the dog. )  Several of the dogs rocketed past me trying to catch birds and rabbits, and ruined some of my bird shots.  When one woman’s dog took off, she just stood there and shouted, “Kody, what are you doing?!” as though the dog was responsible for being off-leash and chasing rabbits and she wasn’t.  Later, as we were walking through one of the roundabouts, Sergeant Margie just stopped moving, and I looked back at him to see what his problem was.  His hind legs were all tangled up in fishing line that some other terminally stupid human had left on the ground (instead of throwing it in the trashcan that was about 5 feet away).  Fargging bastages! I had to use the little knife on my keychain to cut the snarled up stuff away from my dog’s legs.   Then I came across a crack-pipe that I assumed someone had thrown out of their car so the Rangers wouldn’t find it… I mean, I know I woke up cranky, but…Ugh!  Where are people’s brains?! ?!  

After walking for about 90 minutes I decided I’d better head back home before I murdered someone.  (*Hah!*)  When I got back to the house I had some chicken soup and gulped down some more cough suppressant before taking a short nap.  Sometimes you just need one of those.