Hate the Time Change, But Loved the Walk

Ugh!  I hate this time change.  I get up at 7:00 but it’s really 6:00… an hour stolen from me again…  I was out the door with the dog around 7:15 am and we headed over to the American River Bend Park.  It’s overcast this morning, and I figured it would be a good photographing day… and it was.

The first thing we saw when we entered the park was a pair of Mule Deer does standing alongside the road.  They hopped the fence and kept right on going…After that Sergeant Margie and I walked for almost four hours (!) finding all different kinds of mushrooms, polypore and bract fungi, jelly fungus, crustiform and foliose lichen, and several different kinds of slime molds.  We came across some strutting male Wild Turkeys that were battling each other, and further up the path I came across a couple of males following after a small troupe of females.  I was actually able to film a mating pair… of course, they were “doing it” right in the middle of the main path through the park, so they were difficult to miss.  Hah! But it just seemed like there was so much neat stuff to look at, I didn’t stop until my old feet and ankles just couldn’t go another step.  I ended up aching badly — but with about 200 photos!

So, I hate the time change… but I loved my walk.