Nature Heals

I’d been cooped up in the house for most of the last week with what turns out to be a form of “walking pneumonia”, and couldn’t take it anymore, so, even though I was still feeling crappy, I took the dog with me for a walk at the Old Historic City Cemetery.

This time of the year the roses are blooming, and there are irises of almost every color imaginable springing up everywhere.  The walk is an easy one, too; everything is paved and there are no big hills to climb up.  Two of their major rose vines — each one over 150 years old — were both showing off.  One is white and the other is yellow, and they grow to be about 30-40 feet high, wrapping them up and around two huge cypress pine trees in the place.  They look like waterfalls…  We also saw columbine, creeping phlox, tulips, gladiolas, poppies, baby blue-eyes, lupine, creeping sage, wisteria, buckwheat, several different varieties of lavender and daisies, clarkia, and both small bushy-looking Ceanothus and the huge tree-sized variety.  The blue-flowered Ceanothus trees are planted right alongside the yellow-flowered Tulip trees, and pink Redbud Trees, so they make for a really gorgeous canopy over the back end of the cemetery… We didn’t see much in the way of bugs or other critters, but we did come across a huge Green Darner dragonfly that was sunning himself in a plot near the entrance.  We passed him on our way out of the cemetery.

Because I’m icky-sicky, I wasn’t able to walk for a long time, but I think we managed to see a lot anyway.  And the exercise did me good, I’m sure.  Nature heals.