Jackrabbit City!

Today is in between two rain storms, so I thought I’d take a run out to the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge in Glenn County to do a little bird-watching with the dog.  The trip makes for a long day: it’s 2 hours in and 2 hours back, and then whatever time I use for walking or diving around the preserve but I like it out there.  There are usually very few people, and I like hearing all the bird noise.  The drive in included miles and miles of dense fog, and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to see anything at the refuge if the fog persisted.  Luckily, it wasn’t hanging over Glenn County, so it wasn’t an issue.  The day was cool and crisp (around 50° all the while I was there), with intermittent sun and overcast.   It was also very breezy.

Rather than seeing a lot of cool birds around today, it seemed like there were jack rabbits everywhere.  Every time we turned around, there were one or two within eye shot.  Some even (albeit unwittingly) followed us up the trails.  Sergeant Margie was a very good boy, and didn’t try to chase any of them, but he did bark at a few.  Most of the birds we saw were the usual suspects: ducks, geese, Grackles, Sparrows, shorebirds…  All the while we were out walking around, I could hear the loud “angry” calls of ring-necked pheasants, but they were always out of sight or covered by vegetation so I couldn’t get any clear photos of them.  Two kewl sightings were: a flock of American White Pelicans (which I saw at a distance.  At first, I wasn’t sure what I was looking at, they were so far away, but then I saw the big yellow beaks.), and some Black Ibises.  I had been hoping to see an Ibis all day, and just as I started heading around the bend in the trail back to the car, a group of them landed in a shallow puddle near me, so I got some photos of them.  Yay!

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On the way home, I could a huge rain cloud hunkered down over the highway, and just knew I was going to have to drive through that ting to get home.  And sure enough, I did.  It poured so hard for a few minutes that I could hardly see the road.  Yikes!  But once I got through it, it was sun-shiny the rest of the way home.  I got to the house about 3:00 pm, so it was a long day, but I enjoyed myself.  The dog went right to his water dish, drank a lot, and then went to bed.  Hah!