Butterfly Eggs, Deer and Fungi

It’s Cesar Chavez Day, and I have the day off.  The last day of my “recovery” period; gotta go back to work tomorrow.  I slept in until around 8:00 am and then went over to the American River Bend Park for a walk.  I wanted to get outside before the next rain storm came through.  It was overcast, in the 50’s, but nice.  As during my trip to the refuge yesterday, I saw a LOT of rabbits today.  It’s reproduction time for all the little “prey animals” so they’re everywhere.  Saw a lot of bugs and fungi on the walk, but mostly came across Mule Deer.  While I was trying to photograph one group, a woman came by with her unleashed (?!?!)  dog.  The dog startled the deer and they jumped out of my view.  I said to the woman, “Thanks a lot.  You ruined my shot,” and she just looked at me. *Sigh*  Later on, I came across another small group of deer, and got some photos and video of a mama deer licking her yearling’s face while he kept his eyes on me.  So cute!


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