On a Wildflower Walking-Driving Tour

Sunday (the 5th) I went into the Tuleyome office early (7:30 am) to join my coworker Charlotte Orr, and we went to join up with Glen Holstein (one of our Board members and a botany expert) and a group of other people to go on a wild flower cruise for the day.  We stopped at three different locations, ending up at Walker Ridge, and saw sooo many pretty flowers!  The first location was where two highways met.  There was a huge paddock there and some open fields where the local cattle graze.  Because the cattle chew up all of the grass, the wild flowers have more room to grown and bloom.  In this area, everywhere we looked there was something gorgeous to look at.  I also saw my first Lazuli Bunting; it was a juvenile so it wasn’t in its full colors yet, but it was beautiful.   The second location was at the trailhead for the Judge Davis Trail.  There were fewer flowers there, but it was still a lovely area: dragonflies and butterflies flitted everywhere, but I couldn’t get any of them to sit still long enough for me to get their picture.  Then we stopped at Walker Ridge and everyone sat down to have lunch.  By then it was about 1:30 and I was getting tired, so I left with Angel (another coworker who had to get back to Woodland for a meeting), while the others continued on for another hour or so.  The ridge had a lot of serpentine soil areas, so the flowers are more sparse there – but what’s neat about them is that they’re specialized versions of wildflowers that can adapt to the nutrient-barren soil.  It was a great day, and I got a lot of photos.