Saturday at the Rock Garden

After a very good night’s sleep, I was up around 6:30 am and headed out with the dog to the WPA Rock Garden.  We didn’t stay there for very long, though.  The city is hosting some kind of huge Kids Fair there this weekend (of which I was blissfully unaware) and the place was already crawling with security people and vendors settings things up for the day.  So, as I said, I cut our walk short, but we still got to see a lot of flowers and bugs and stuff.  Among all the blossoming things, I came across a katydid nymph and several assassin bug nymphs, and a pink and yellow striped Raspberry Pyrausta Moth (Pyrausta signatalis).  The star of the garden show, though, was a huge Jack-in-the-pulpit – and when I say huge, I mean the flower from top to bottom was as long as from the top of my head to my waist.  Incredible.  They don’t last very long — only a day or two — so I was happy to be able to see it.