At the Old City Cemetery

I got up around 6:30 am, and I was out the door with the dog to the Sacramento Historic Old City Cemetery for our walk.  We walked for about two hours, and I got lots of photos of the flowers that were in bloom there: hydrangeas, foxglove, lilies, daisies and Echinacea, roses, pansies, strawberries, freesias, gladiolas, etc.  We also saw a flock of American Goldfinches eating seeds of one of the bushes in the place, and a Painted Lady butterfly (like the ones I’d raided from a caterpillar and released last month).  As we were heading out of the cemetery I passed by a eucalyptus tree and noticed there was some of kind of gall-like formations on many of the leaves.  The formations looked like white pimples, and some had loops coming out of the top if them.  They were all waxy-like and sticky (and the ants seemed to really like them).  They were obviously some kind of insect gall, but I’m not sure what kind of insects made them.  We also saw an abandoned bird’s nest…  So lots of fun stuff to see…

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Mary K. Hanson is an author, nature photographer and Certified California Naturalist living with terminal cancer.