Finally! Out Walking Again!

Got up at 6:30 today because I wanted to get outside before it got too hot.  It’s supposed to 101° today.  I actually felt well enough (in, what, 2 months?) to go for a walk, so I drive the dog over to the WPA Rock Garden and we walked around there for about 90 minutes.  Not a long or strenuous walk, but it was nice to be able to get moving again.  My knee cooperated wonderfully, so maybe it’s all healed now.  There’s not a lot growing in the garden this time of year, but the place was teaming with hummingbirds, and some of then sat still long enough for me to get some pictures of them.  We also walked around the duck pond, and saw a Great Egret on the way out…


Kids Nature Book

DSCF8758The Kickstarter campaign I did through Tuleyome for a nature book for kids didn’t get the funding needed to proceed, so I’ve opened up a public fundraiser to try to get $2500 to publish my own nature book for kids.  You can see a video and learn more about it at: