Wow! A French Ornithologist Read My Article!


I got this email from a gentleman in France today about the article I’d written on Herons:

From: micreg <>
Subject: Bait fishing Green Heron -Mary K. Hanson
Date: September 16, 2014 2:08:36 PM PDT
Reply-To: micreg <>

Hi Mary,

I’m a french ornithologist and I’m working on bait fishing behaviour of herons.


You wrote “I saw a green heron at a local pond use discarded Cheetos as his “bait” for the small fish in the pond.”
Could you please tell me some additionnal informations for my database?

-your full name?
-date of your obs?
-place of your obs?
-if the heron has been successful in catching fish with this technique?
-the nature of the bait? What is Cheetos? Are they some Crackers or Chips?

Thank you for your replies.
Michel Réglade (Toulouse-France)


How exciting is that?!  I wrote him back and also offered to send him some of my heron photos and video snippets if he’d like them for his research.  The green herons are among my favorite birds to watch.  They’re so animated and ingenious.  The photo is of one using a dead bee as bait to catch fish.