Lots of Dragonfly Sex at the Preserve Today

I slept in a little bit today and got up around 8 o’clock.  I processed my photos from yesterday and then headed off to the Cosumnes River Preserve again today. There still aren’t many birds there yet — despite what all the hoopla says — but just as I arrived there two Sandhill Cranes landed in the pond by my car, so I was able to get a few photos of them (although they were still kinda far away). The standouts at the Preserve today, though, were the dragonflies and damselflies. They were all over the place, having sex and dropping eggs in the water. Bow-chika-wow-wow. On my way home, I discovered that although there weren’t a lot of Sandhill Cranes in the preserve, there was a HUGE FLOCK of them in the adjacent cow pasture! Hah! Must’ve been about 50 there. They were too far away to get any good photos, though.  I need a better telephoto lens… I was there for about 3 hours, and by the time I left it was about 85° outside.  Hey, isn’t this “fall”?

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Oh, and another kewl thing today:  My Tuleyome Tales article on jackrabbits was published in the Lake County News newspaper and online this weekend.  Woot!