My First Photo of a Hairy Woodpecker

We had the day off for Columbus Day so I slept in until about 8:00 am and around 9:00 went over to the Cosumnes River Preserve.   I walked around for about 3 hours, going around the wetlands area and then to where the boat launch area is.  Saw a lot of damselflies and dragonflies, but not as many as a few days ago.  The migrating birds still haven’t arrived yet, so there wasn’t a great deal to see but I did get a bit of a “checklist” of birds and bugs anyway including: Sparrows, Stilts, Skippers. Cabbage White Butterflies, Red-Winged Blackbirds, Sandhill Cranes, Mallards, Pintails, Canada Geese, Buckeye Butterflies (which seemed to be all over the grassy areas), a couple of pregnant praying mantises (one of the being courted by a skinny male), a praying mantis egg case, and a Gray Hairstreak Butterfly.  The photo of the day, though, was of a Hairy Woodpecker (a female near a nesting hole in a tree).  I’d seen them before but never got a photo of one, so: yay!

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