No BBQ, so I Walked in the Rain

I got up at 6:00 am – feeling almost wholly well except for a lack of sleep — did my ablutions stuff and then headed out to Woodland to pack up for the “Thank You” BBQ Tuleyome was going to be holding at Lake Solano Park today… and it was pouring down rain all the way in.  My boss, Sara, got into the office a little before 8:00 am ad said it was pouring where she lived, too, so she wanted to cancel the BBQ – which I thought was a great idea.  There was no reason for us to trudge out to Lake Solano if it was raining like that – no one would be coming to a picnic in a downpour, and even if the rain eventually let up, everything at the picnic area would be soaked…

So she got one the phone to the other staffers, and I got on the web to post the cancellation on our Facebook and Meet Up pages, and email everyone on the RSVP list.  Sara was able to stop our coworker Robert before he drove in from Davis, but Jordan and Charlotte were already on their way in, so when they got to the office, we visited for a while and then Sara took us all out for breakfast as a thank you for getting up early and being willing to work on a Saturday.

We went to a little hole-in-wall restaurant on Main Street that I didn’t even know was there called the Savory Café – and had a veggie omelet stuffed with spinach, red and green peppers, mushroom, onions and cheese.  They served it with toast and pan-fried potatoes, and it was waaaay too much to eat.  I finished off the omelet, though.  It was fabulous!

When we got back to the office, everyone kind of went their separate way, but I stayed for a little while making sure all the food stuffs we’d gotten for the BBQ were put away in the freezer for future use.  Sara said we could use it for the upcoming board meeting in November and a get-to-know-you BBQ for staff when Lori, our new Home Place Adventures director comes on next month.  So, the food won’t go to waste.  There was also a big veggie snack tray in the fridge we can munch on at staff meetings or something…

I locked up the office and headed back to Sacramento, but decided that since I was up and driving I might as well go for a walk somewhere.  So, I drove down to the Cosumnes River Preserve and walked around there for about 3 hours.  There was some rain and drizzle at first, but by the time I got back to the car, the clouds were parting…  Because the place isn’t “flooded” enough yet, there aren’t a lot of migrating birds there at the moment.  I did see big flocks of White-Fronted Geese that are kind of ubiquitous guests in the region this time of year, but that was about it.  I also saw a troupe of three large raccoon waddling along the trail in front of me, but lost track of them in the underbrush before I could get a photo of them.   Dang it!  I did manage to get photos of some of the smaller wetland area behind the nature center along with pictures of local birds like Scrub Jays, Spotted Towhees, and Mallards but that was about it.  One of the Mallard shots turned out great though: it was a small flock of green-headed males, and just as I snapped the photo, one of them took off across the water, so I got him in mid-flight. That was my “shot of the day”.

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