In Search of Coral Fungus

Up at 8:00 am.  I had some coffee and went through some of my photos from yesterday.  Then around 9:30 I headed back to the River Bend Park.

I went to a different part of the park today, and was on the lookout specifically for coral fungus.  I found one small specimen, so I know it got wet enough to wake them up.  There should be lots more out in another week or so.  There were lots of yellow, red and brown ‘shrooms out, including some huge stands of Honey Fungus which are parasitic.  On one pair of small yellow wax caps, I found some male Winter Midges (tiny black-and-white guys with fuzzy antenna) waiting for the sun to come out so they could dry off.  Just before I started back to the car I came across an area where the rangers had put up some line fences and cut out a path from the picnic area all the way to the river, and covered it with mulch.  It was very nice-looking and easy to walk on… but of course, it was so new and “invasive” that no fungi were growing around it… In one area, I found the carcass of a wild turkey.  Only one wing and the bones of the body, including the deep breast bone were left.  Somebody had a good supper.

I walked for about 2½ hours and headed back home.