Kewl Stuff in the Backyard

I got all of Pozey’s toenails clipped, but Waukegan has only let me cut two of hers so far.  And her nails are TOUGH, too, so it takes a lot of hand-strength to get through them… When I was done with her two nails, I gave her treats and then ran outside with her to play for a little bit so she wouldn’t feel traumatized by the nail-clipping.  While we were out there I got some photos of birds – and a ninja squirrel – in the elderberry bushes, and also got some shots of kewl molds on the woodpile behind the shed.  There were ‘shrooms back there as big as my head!   And I also found some purple fungus called Chondrostereum purpureum, which is a common one that inhibits the regrowth and sprouting of old tree stumps (so it’s pretty natural to see it growing on the old stumps behind the shed.)  On the piles of old leaves I also found quite a few Cabbage whiteflies – Aleyrodes proletella.  They’re also called moth-flies because they have a fuzzy month-like appearance caused by a film of powdery wax on their bodies and wings.  They’re a pest on living plants, but on dead leaves they actually serve a purpose: the honeydew they poop out feeds bacteria that accelerates the decomposition process. Wow.  Kewl!