After Work at William Land Park

After work, I took the dog over to William Land Park for a short walk.  It was overcast and chilly in Woodland, but mostly sunny and about 57º in Sacramento.  We just walked around the middle pond.  I was hoping to get some better photos of the Hooded Mergansers that are resting there… There were 2 males with the female today, and one them kept swimming around and diving and making himself conspicuous… but the female was just floating there, dozing away.  While I was “stalking” the ducks, a Great Egret flew in(!)… so I took a bunch of photos of him.  And while I was doing that, a Great Blue Heron flew in(!!)… so I got some photos of him, too!  Fun!  I also got some pix of the Cayuga Duck, so I can add him to my species list for the year.