Carnival Candy Slime Mold

I got up round 7:30 and was out the door around 8 o’clock to go to the American River Bend Park.  It was super-foggy outside; you could only see about 20 feet.

I wasn’t looking for anything in particular at the park; just walking and taking pictures.  I got the usual suspects: mushrooms and other fungi, Starlings, Acorn Woodpeckers and other birds…  I got to see a pair of hawks chasing each other through the trees.  One sat still long enough for me to get a few photos of her.  The find of the day, though, was a slime mold I’d never seen before: Carnival Candy Slime Mold (Arcyria denudate)!  It was going into its spore stage and was very fragile.  I had to be careful not to get the camera lens too close to it, but I still got a few good shots.  Fun!  It takes so little to make me happy.

I walked for almost 3½ hours before heading back home.