Sandhill Cranes, Red-Tailed Hawk, and Other Birds

After work, I was feeling a little better so I went down Desmond Road again and took it around to Bruceville Road… Saw the regular kestrel that always seems to cruise that area and a Red-Tailed Hawk.  The hawk actually let me get pretty close to the tree he was sitting in, and I got some good shots of him… along with some time-lapse photos of him taking off to fly down the street.  He looks very much like the Red-Shouldered Hawk I usually get pictures of, but the Red-Tailed Hawk (obviously) has a red tail rather than a black-and-white barred tail.  I also got to see some Sandhill Cranes.  When I turned up Bruceville I saw a truck parked along the side of the road, and a guy was standing in the bed of it with a fancy camera rig on a tripod.  I slowed down as I got closer and realized there were about a dozen crane standing alongside one of the flooded fields, closer to the road than I’d ever seen them.  So I pulled off, too, and got some photos with my “little camera”.  When I went back to the car, I was startled by a bird’s head that popped up out of the culvert right in front of the car.  A Great Blue Heron was fishing in there.  He stood stalk-still while I took several pictures of him, but he was so close, I could’ve touched him… if I could get my hand through the reeds and crap.  But that was neat.  As I was driving back to the main road, I saw a bunch of fat little Killdeer birds sitting on the railroad tracks.  They looked so cute, I actually stopped in the middle of the street to get some shots of them.  Good thing there isn’t a lot of traffic in that area.  Hah!