Lots of Squirrels and other Critters at the WPA Rock Garden & William Land Park

The dog had been so good all day that after I left the office and finished my bank run, I treated him to a walk around the WPA Rock Garden and middle pond at William Land Park. He loves going there, and can somehow tell as soon as I pull up to the place what it is. He starts whining and yipping excitedly; can’t wait to get out of the car and walk. He’s so funny.

The “warm” weather is confusing the plants and lots of the magnolias, tulip trees and fruit trees are already starting to bloom in the garden. There were some flowers in bloom, too… but I think I counted all of three bees while I was there. The pollinators aren’t awake yet, yet the stuff is flowering… Climate change screws up the whole system. There were a lot of squirrels around the pond today and lots of turtles stacked up on top of one another trying to warm up in the cloud-covered sunlight; and for some reason the geese were going crazy there – honking furiously at one another for minutes at a time. Still, I got quite a few photos before heading back to the car and going home for the day.