Working on My Community Garden Plot

I slept in a little bit today and got up around 8:00… Then I headed out to Woodland, CA to go dig up my community garden plot.  I stopped at OSH first and got a few supplies including some tomato cages, bamboo arches (for my vines) and a hummingbird feeder.  I brought my trays full of sprouting plants, knowing when I did that, that it might be a bit “too ambitious” of me to think I’d have the energy to turn over all the dirt in the plot and still be able to plant anything…

I got to garden around 9:30 and was there all by myself.  It was windy and about 50º outside, so I never got warm enough to work up any kind of a sweat.  I turned over the soil I the entire plot, and then set up my sign, the cages and arches and the bird feeder.  By then it was 11:30 and I was pretty much done in for the morning, so I headed back home.

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I’ve also created a page for this garden plot, so you can see how it develops and changes over time.  #COMMUNITYGARDENSRULE