Bugs and Butterflies on Thursday, 04-02-15

Day Six of my Vacation.  I got up around 7:30 this morning, had a leisurely breakfast and did my morning ablutions stuff before heading out to the Cosumnes River Preserve for a walk.  First I went down by the boat launch dock, then I walked part of the river trail.  It was really nice outside again today but very, very windy early in the morning.  I’d gone to the preserve to see if I could find some dragonflies and damselflies to photograph, but not too many of them were out and zooming around because of the wind. Once it died down a little bit, and when I got into area where the trees blocked the wind, I was able to find more critters…  Damselflies, Ladybeetles and their larvae, spiders, dragonflies, and butterflies including Tiger Swallowtails, Painted Ladies, Funereal Duskywings, and California Sisters… There were also a lot of wildflowers in bloom there, including some gorgeous Two-Horned Downingia (Downingia bicornuta) along the edges of some of the pools where the Coots were swimming.

While I was taking photos of a pair of dragonfly “in wheel”, a man came up from behind me saying loudly, “On your left; didn’t want to mess up your shot.”  Before I had a chance to stop him, he proceeded to walk past me and scared off the dragonflies.  Messed up my shot anyway dude.  Rrrg.

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Oh, on my way out of the preserve, I saw some “lump” moving in the opposite lane.  At first I thought it was a hunch up squirrel or raccoon or something, but as I got closer, I realized it was a very large Red-Eared Slider Turtle.  I couldn’t stand the idea of it getting squished by a car, so I pulled over to the side of the road (even though the shoulder was practically nonexistent), got out of the car, and picked the turtle up.  Luckily there was no traffic at the moment.  It was a hefty turtle, maybe 5-6 pounds and about the side of my head.  I set him down where he could slide down an incline into a pond if he wanted to…  My good deed for the day…