Flowers, Flowers, Flowers on04-03-15

Day Seven of my Vacation.  I got up around 7:00 this morning and had a light breakfast before heading out for an appointment I had at the DMV.  (They’d sent my renewed driver’s license to my old address, so I had to go in and get another one.)  I had an 8:20 appointment, and got through the long line, paid the fee for the duplicate license (even though the loss of it was the DMV’s fault), and was out the door again in less than 7 minutes!  Wow!  I was impressed… and all of the clerks were so cheery and helpful.  That was an unexpectedly quick and easy appointment.

I was done so early and was already so close, I decided to head up Broadway to the Sacramento Old Historic Cemetery to check out the gardens there.  This time of year they’re usually showing off, and they did not disappoint this morning.  The rose garden was bursting with blooms, and two of the larger climbing rose bushes (one reaching up over 30 feet into a tree) were blossoming, like waterfall of color in the trees.  So beautiful.  And there were lots of irises – all different colors – still in bloom.

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Part of the native California garden and most of the perennial garden were all full of flowers.  I think I took over 1000 photos! I also got some pictures and a little video of a female Carpenter Bee burying herself down the throats of a flag iris; and a squirrel eating wind-fell oranges from the ground… Such a quiet, peaceful place.  It’s one of my favorite cemeteries…

Here’s the bee video:

I walked for about 2 hours and then headed back home.