Tabling at the Sacramento Zoo

It’s Day Eight of my Vacation, but I did actually worked today.  I got up about 6:30 am and then headed over to the Sacramento Zoo to table all day for Tuleyome at the zoo’s Earth Fest.  We had a great spot – right next to the tiger’s den – and the zoo personnel were fabulous.  They set up tables, chairs, and a pop-up for us so we didn’t have to lug any of that kind of stuff back and forth; they came by with bottles of cold water throughout the day to make sure we stayed hydrated; and they gave us free passes to the zoo to use in the future!  Several of their docents and volunteers also stopped by our table to hug our Big Day of Giving bears and to sign postcards of support for the Berryessa Snow Mountain national monument.  Just great people.  I really enjoyed it.  One highlight of the day was when a father came by the table with his two sons and read the postcard of support to them.  Then he asked if they would like to ask President Obama to support the project, and they said yes, so he showed them how to fill out the postcards.  It was impressive to see that kind of family “activism” right before our eyes.

Lot of folks came by to hug our Big Day of Giving spokebears, Berry and Essa, and several people asked if the bears were for sale or part of a giveaway… and a couple tried to abscond with them!  Hah!  The little bear, Essa, also got to meet an oral hygiene dinosaur and “Barkley”, the spokestree for the Sacramento Tree Foundation.  So that was fun, too.  I took mini breaks throughout the day to snap a few photos of the animals nearest to our display table, and to get my face painted.  (I am SUCH a kid at heart.)

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The weather cooperated all day, too: it was about 47° when we got to the zoo in the early morning, and then didn’t get over 71° by the late afternoon.  I left about 4:00 pm and was home around 4:30.  Just a lovely way to spend a mid-vacation work day…

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