Zoo Day!

I got up around 7:45 am this morning and was out the door a little after 8 o’clock to head over to the WPA Rock Garden and Sacramento Zoo.  In the summer months, the zoo opens at 9:00, so I went over to the garden to take some photos and walk around until the zoo gates opened.  While I was taking photos, I was headed off by a Brahma chicken that I think escaped from Fairytale Town, and has been living on the streets for quite a while.  It’s a rough little rooster, and terrorizes the ducks and crows in the garden.  It even tried attacking me a couple of times.   I got a little bit of video of it charging at and kicking my camera.  Monster Chicken!  Hah!

Here’s the video: http://youtu.be/7_-Yb7qJa28

It was overcast for most of the morning, about 43° when I went to the zoo, and about 55° by noon when I headed back home.  Some people at the zoo complained about how “cold” it was outside, but I was comfortable in my shirt sleeves.  I’m a cool-weather kind of gal.

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I walked around the zoo for three hours, and stopped around 11 o’clock to have lunch at the café there: a Polish dog with grilled onions and peppers on top of it, fries, and a glass of ale.  Nice.  I got to see most of the animals I wanted to.  I didn’t see the Fennec Foxes or the Snow Leopard (which was off exhibit), but I did get to see the Aardvark (which I hadn’t seen before).  He was sleeping in his burrow, but he was by the glass.  The jaguar was out, too, and I hardly ever get to see him, so that was nice.  Oh, and I saw the roadrunners for the first time.  They had a very odd call; I didn’t know they made noises like that.  The female roadrunner had taken over a food bowl and was filling it with nesting materials.

Here is a video of the lions: https://youtu.be/YXAJ0rJqwNQ

I spent waaaaay too much time hanging around the lion’s den.  All five lions were out and were posing for everyone – including the three cubs.  So cute…  One of the wild Mallard ducks hanging around the zoo also had a baby.  Only one.  That’s odd for ducks.  But considering the number of predators around – and the rats that live around the pond there – I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  Also, at the bird pond, the American White Pelicans were standing right next to the low wood-rail fence, preening themselves in the morning sun.  They couldn’t have looked more handsome if they tried.  Both of them had their “breeding horns” showing on their upper bills.

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It was a great visit.  Altogether, throughout the whole zoo, I took over 1500 photos!