Help Tuleyome Win $1500 Just By Looking at Their Profile Page

033015 going big

Help my workplace win $1500 just by viewing our GivingEdge profile between Monday, April 20th and midnight May 4th.

As you probably know by now, Tuleyome is participating in this year’s Big Day of Giving (May 5th), and included in this one-day on-line giving event are several “incentive fund challenges” through which Tuleyome has the chance to win extra money from a funding pool set aside for the day from different sponsors.

Monday, April 20th is the start of the “SMARTER GIVING CHALLENGE” (Sponsored by the Cannady Ford Fund). Tuleyome can win $1500 in incentive funds if between April 20th and midnight on May 4th we can get the most people to simply visit our Giving Edge profile online. For this challenge, no one has to donate anything or give out any private information. All they have to do is LOOK at our profile:

I’d like all of my Worpress friends to share the link with everyone on your personal Rolodex and help Tuleyome win those extra incentive dollars. Again, no donating needs to be done for this challenge. (If folks WANT to donate, we’re asking that you WAIT until May 5th when you donation dollars will go farther – and you might be eligible for some prizes!) For now, we just need as many people to view our profile as we can get between April 20th and midnight May 4th. Again the link is:

For more information about the Big Day of Giving, the prizes you could win on the day, and some of the other incentive fund prizes we’re going to be trying to win you can see our Tuleyome website at:

Thanks for your support! ‪#‎BIGDoG2015‬