Even in the backyard, nature is awesome!

During my lunch break at the office today, I found a journal online that I’d like to use for my naturalist class and ordered it.  Hopefully it will get here over the weekend, so I’ll have it for class next week.  And my boss, Sara, asked me if I’d seen the Google doodle for the day, and I hadn’t yet. So she asked me to check it out.  It was a little app that let you know what kind of animal you were.  Sara was a “bee”… I came up as a “Komodo Dragon”.  Apparently, I tested out as someone with an “appetite for life – as well as the ability to swallow an entire goat”.  Hah-ha-ha-ha-ha!

komodo dragon

I was home again with the dog by about 3:00 pm and rested up a little bit before going outside to set up the grille to cook some cheap steaks.  While I was doing that, I noticed a large White-Spotted Jumping Spider near the outside wall of the house, so I got my camera and took some photos of him.  The jumping spiders are so cool-looking with their iridescent fangs, and very ferocious.  This one tolerated me for a little while and then reared up and jumped right onto the lens of my camera.  Yikes!  Hah!  Feisty little beastie!

I also found some wild jack-in-the-pulpit (Arum maculatum, I think) growing in the yard and one of them had a blossom on it.  I think those are such neat-looking things… and the “reproductive parts” of them are extraordinarily beautiful to me.  (Eeew… that sounded kind of creepy, didn’t it?)  Anyway, I picked the blossom so I could take photos of the spadix inside of it, and I found a tiny baby snail in here.  As I was photographing the innards of the flower, the snail woke up and stretched itself out.  It was nearly translucent and looked almost like glass… so pretty.

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Even in the backyard, nature is awesome!