I got this email from the White House today…

I got this email from the White House today, from Amanda Stone the Senior Program Manager, Office of Digital Strategy, following up on the White House publishing my photo in their blog on Earth Day.

“… Hi Mary, I work on the digital strategy team at the White House — that means I help create the content on WhiteHouse.gov, and come up with ways to engage with people around the policies the President cares about. I just wanted to let you know that I really loved what you sent us last week about the Berryessa Snow Mountain. While I haven’t made it out there just yet, it’s on my top list of places to visit the next time I get out west. Animal conservation is one of the issues I’m most passionate about and its part of how I got came to be working in the White House. I am also a huge fan of mule deer. In case you didn’t notice, we also re-shared several of the submissions on the White House blog, over email and on our social media channels. So, many people heard what you had to say, and probably thought about the importance of conservation a little differently — through the lens of the local places we all love and enjoy regularly. We think that’s pretty cool. (So in case you were wondering if anyone actually ever reads the submissions you send through our site — the answer is yes!) Thanks again for writing, and I hope you have a great day!”