Backyard Naturalist

When I was outside in the backyard with the dogs, I realized that there’s a huge tomato plant growing in the area that Marty let’s go to seed and dry out in the summer months. It has blossoms on it and everything. Hah! I don’t know how it got out there; birds must’ve brought the seeds in… There was also a rather large orange-brown moth out there which I think might be Idaea sp., a kind of Red-Bordered Wave moth. There were a bunch of other plants growing in that area, too, like American Pokeweed (Phytolacca Americana), Catchweed / Velcro Weed (Galium aparine) a herbaceous annual plant of the family Rubiaceae, Spiny Sowthistle (Sonchus asper) and Smooth Sowthistle (Sonchus oleraceus), Scarlet Pimpernel (Anagallis arvensis) and Arum maculatum which is a kind of jack-in-the-pulpit that goes by a variety of common names like “Lords-and-Ladies”, “Snakeshead”, “Wild Arum”, and “Naked Boys”… and I didn’t even count the grasses… Oh, and there was also some tan tube slime mold out there (Arcyria sp.). Even the backyard is a treasure-trove for a newly sprouting naturalist! Hah!

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