Cute Duckling and Green Heron

The weather was actually nicer today than it was yesterday, and after I dropped Marty off, I went over to the WPA Rock Garden and duck pond for a short walk.  When I first got there I was surprised to see a small flock of Mallards sitting in a long stretch of iceplant.  Must’ve been nice and cool in there.  Hah!

I wanted to see some bugs and eggs and praying mantises… but the place was surprisingly bug-free (relatively speaking of course).  Oh, but I did get some close-ups of a female Carpenter Bee who landed on a branch to groom herself for a few seconds… There are lots of flowers in bloom – including the thistles – so I got a lot of pictures of flowers but not much else.  And my walk was being constantly interrupted by a woman using the garden to take professional photos of kids and their families… and the kids were screaming and crying all the while.  Ugh.  Surely there are OTHER places they can go and do that…

At the pond though, I was taking photos and video of a mama Mallard with her one lonely duckling and saw a Green Heron swoop over the pond and land in a floating enclosure of lotus plants.  I walked around the pond to get a better view of him, and he posed for some photos then got down to business plucking tiny fish out of the water.  I video-taped him catching two of them in a row.

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When I got home it was around 10 o’clock.  I did a couple of loads of laundry and rebooted the dishwasher, then started packing for my own trip mid-week to “somewhere near Tahoe” for the Tuleyome staff’s strategic planning meeting: 2 nights and 3 days in “The Cabin in the Woods”.  Yikes!

Video of the Duckling:

Video of the Heron: