A Few New Galls

I was out the door before 6:00 and heading over to the American River Bend Park.  There were signs all over the place saying “Alcohol Prohibited July 11th” but without a reason given.  I guess they were having some kind of race there or something.  Parts of the bike trail were supposedly closed off, but the bikers didn’t care and were using them anyway…

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Since I’d gone through my “gall book” a bit, I was more aware of anything that looked like a gall on the oak trees at the park.  There are mostly Live Oaks there – and the galls I like to see are usually on Blue Oaks or Valley Oaks – so I didn’t see a lot of them, but there were a few I hadn’t seen before.  One looked like a fly saucer on a tether, and another one looked like a tiny hard apple or pumpkin… so those were cool.

I watched a pair of female Common Mergansers in the river, floating, diving and trolling for fish… Saw lots of Canada Geese (some with their fledglings)… Watched a Spotted Towhee singing from a treetop… saw some Phoebes and Flycatchers… I also got some extra plant photos to add to my book.  No big woopty-doo moments or critters on the trail, but an interesting walk.  I was out there for a little over three hours and then headed back to the car.