Friday at the SNWP was Kind of a Bust

I got up around 6:00 this morning and headed out to the Sacramento National Wildlife Preserve in the hopes of being able to get some more baby Grebe photos there.

The drive there was pleasant enough, but I was thoroughly aggravated to find that the loop to the permanent wetlands area was closed…  and it’s the only portion of the preserve right now that has any large accumulation of water or birds in it.  There was nothing on their Facebook feed or on the entrance to the car tour itself that let you know that the loop was closed, so… it was a four-hour round trip for pretty much nothing… What was doubly aggravating is that the preserve had some of its big lawn mowers and tractors working around the driving tour area, kicking up clouds of dust — ((I had to close the windows and shut the vents on the car at one point to keep from getting covered with dirt.)) — and scaring off what wildlife there might have been to see along the way…  Surely, they could do that stuff in the evening or very early morning before visitors show up at the preserve.  Grrrrrr!  

I did get to see a few deer, jackrabbits, squirrels and a few other critters (most of them in areas that were hard for my camera to reach), but not nearly enough to make the 4-hour round trip drive really worthwhile.  Pissed me off…

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I guess a lot of people complained about the closure because the preserve posted later today on Facebook that they’re in the process of flooding the rest of wetlands area starting on October 1st… but until then, there will be nothing to see… (And no reason to drive out there)  I’m planning to take a couple of weeks off in late October, so maybe by then the drive will be worthwhile.